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Invaded: The Biological Invasion of South Africa

Pollution doesn’t make for easy sonnets or flowing, romantic narratives. And that’s what this book is about a form of pollution which is so subtle and insidious that many people do not realize it is there.

Invaded is about biological pollution, the kind that comes in dense hedges of lush greenery, blooming fields of heady petals or gracefully draped creepers. It may spread incognito on the wings of a bird, tug on the end of an angleras line or scurry unnoticed through the undergrowth.

These pages explore plants and animals that have traversed the borders and boundaries of their natural habitats and made their way into South Africa over the past 300 years and more. Invaded provides an overview of the different species that have arrived in our country during the past three centuries, and the threats they pose (or have the potential to become).

Ultimately, the book attempts to quantify how these species have changed systems, disrupted the natural environment and threatened the future of the countryas many unique plants, animals and habitats.

ISBN-13: 9781868144785
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Invaded: The Biological Invasion of South Africa